The Moss Brothers

Reaching so ideally high, adhering so adamantly to the principles of selflessness and patriotism, Vincent LaVaughn Moss, M.D. and Vance JoShaun Moss, M.D. offer more than two decades of accomplished-laden experience in service to their community and nation. They’ve been in the Army reserves for over 20 years and have attained the rank of Colonel. They’ve served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as forward combat surgeons and most recently with the U.S. Special Operations Command. They are well known in their community for their work as practicing surgeons in the NJ/NYC metropolitan area. However, their journey of life and leadership after the events of September 11, 2001 has certainly elevated them to national prominence. Vince and Vance were challenged with organizing an amazing act of patriotism and courage. They coordinated the efforts of the U.S. military, U.S. State Department and Northwest Medical Teams International to complete several surgical missions over several years in war torn Afghanistan while the war around them ravaged the country. The Moss brothers have the pleasure of accepting invitations to speak about their unique and unprecedented experience. The many citizens they treated including many women, children, and warlords was significant, more so, the majority of what they accomplished and how they managed to travel throughout the country is largely unknown. Their efforts where focused on a key aspect of the counterinsurgency doctrine in Afghanistan, most notably, the US strategy of “winning hearts and minds” as unarmed civilians aimed at undermining support for the Taliban or other terrorists. After several risky surgical missions to Afghanistan, the key question remains, did their efforts contribute to a major shift in the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan? There is no question about the response they received. They were named AmeriHealth/NJBIZ ” Physician of the Year” They were special guests of President George W. Bush at the White House. First Lady Laura Bush wrote about the twins and their accomplishments in her memoir. They were named ABC World News Tonight “Person(s) of the Week” and later that year given the prestigious honor of being named the 2008 ABC World News Tonight “Person(s) of the Year”. Men’s Health Magazine named them the “2008 International Health Heroes” and described them as one of the 20 heroes of Health and Fitness along with Barrack Obama, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. while Essence Magazine named them “Do Right Men”. They have been featured on the front page of The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Asbury Park Press, Star Ledger and Stars and Stripes. They have been guests on the television talk show Oprah and spoke with Gail King as her guests on her radio program. One of their most honorable experience came when they received the “Trumpet Award” in Atlanta, GA and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in NYC. These titles and the other numerous honors and awards they have amassed since their first mission can only be described as simply amazing. But, the selfless act of humanitarianism, navigating through poppy fields in Taliban territories of Afghanistan, jumping over land mines and avoiding crossfire of warfare, earning the trust of Afghan warlords to insure their safety can only be described as Men’s Health Magazine stated, “…any Hollywood screenwriter would reject the scene as implausible”.