Speaking Engagements/Requests

The Moss Brothers are one of the most decorated and distinguished veterans of the Global War On Terror and arguably find themselves in a class of the most popular and respected surgeons in the country and worldwide.

Their experience of uncommon valor, treating victims of war torn countries in the heat of battle, including negotiating with Taliban tribal leaders and opium drug lords, spans worldwide and has received attention, amazement and respect from the White House to Kabul to Iraq. Although the twins are not at liberty to discuss the minute details of their special operations, their experience is a unique story of self-motivation, courage, improvising, brotherhood and global organizing which will amaze your audience and have them talking about their experience with the twins for years to come.

The Moss Brothers are usually booked 4 – 6months in advance mainly due to the reality that they are extremely busy practicing physicians and are dedicating to their patients, coupled by the extreme demand for the twins, so, with severe time constraints, they are limited to a certain amount of speaking opportunities per month. Accordingly, the opportunity to be a participant in one of their speaking engagements is a treasure that many will not have the opportunity to share.

To inquire about booking The Moss Brothers to speak at your next event, please contact Vanessa King via email at midatlanticms@yahoo.com or info@vinceandvancemoss.com

The Moss Brothers are accepting proposals for formal endorsements to suitable selected projects or programs developed by like-minded organizations in which proceeds will be directed towards funding future missions and/or supporting special operation projects focused on treating victims of war. Organizations are welcome to submit detailed endorsement proposals to Vanessa King: midatlanticms@yahoo.com

The work of Vince and Vance Moss may have single handedly transformed the strategy and approach to the war in Afghanistan. The Moss Brothers traveled to Afghanistan where they treated women and children war victims throughout the rural areas of the war torn country and they have received international acclaim for their efforts. The unique and unbelievable nature of their missions and the elements that are required to complete such a task is the principal underlying theme of their speaking engagements. Those specific elements are:

  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Accountability
  • Change Management
  • Diversity

Today’s turbulent change and its impact on the credibility of corporations and governments alike, it has never been more important to bring new trust and hope for the future.

Vince and Vance personifies the spirit of creativity and deliver motivation and inspiration in a way to take the above elements and apply them to everyday lifestyles.

TO SCHEDULE THE MOSS BROTHERS TO SPEAK AT YOUR EVENT, OR EMAIL –Vanessa King – midatlanticms@yahoo.com or for more information email INFO@VINCEANDVANCEMOSS.COM