Dr. Lewis Wetstein, surgical advisor of the Moss Brothers, Retires from US Air National Gaurd

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Vince and Vance were honored to see their mentor and surgical advisor from the Saint Barnabus Healthcare System, the largest healthcare system in New Jersey, retire as a Colonel in the US Air National Gaurd.

During the emotional ceremony, Dr. Wetstein, the New Jersey State Air Surgeon, a Cardiothoracic surgeon and Vascular specialist, thanked many of his friends and colleagues, es

Congrats Col. Westein on RETIREMENT

Congrats Col. Westein on RETIREMENT

pecially his family, one who has just entered the Air Force family himself, his son.

Dr. Westein was trained at the same institution as Vince in CT surgery ( SUNY BROOKLYN, NY) and he is currently the Chairman of Surgery at Kimble Medical Center.

Vince and Vance have been featured on the front pages of many of the local and statewide newspapers highlighting their breakthrough surgical cases at Kimball and Community Medical Center.  Dr. Wetstein was instrumental in helping them begin their career in this system. 

They extend their deepest congratulations to Dr. Wetstein and his family.  The ceremony, held on July 11, 2009 was a great celebration as he recieved numerous awards, gifts and letters of appreciation, including one from Barrack Obama.


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