Moss Brothers awarded one the highest honors by the American College of Surgeons

December 21, 2009 by admin  
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Vince and Vance accepted the ACS / Pfizer Volunteerism Award at the Governor’s Dinner in Oct, 2009 during the annual ACS conference, held in Chicago. 

The Moss’ donated 100% of the money to the The Pennsylvania State University- Vince and Vance Moss Scholarship  Foundation.    


Moss Brothers speak at the American College of Surgeons annual meeting

Vince and Vance , after receiveing one of the highest awards given by the American College of Surgeons , presented their work during a session at the ACS Clinical Congress held in Chicago in October, 2009.  They will be spoke about their experience in combat surgery and their unique experience in Afghanistan to a huge audience.  It was one of the largest gatherings for an ACS speeaking session in recent history, noted Chris Myers, a 12 year participant of the Congress. They acceptedaccepting the prestigious 2009 ACS/Pfizer Humanitarian Award as well.